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Cultivate & Harness Empowerment

Beyond equipping the disabled community, we foresee true independence when the disabled community have equal opportunities to thrive and be successful. Being the entrepreneur that he is, Stevens and his wife, Kaye developed a concept that can eventually be utilised by graduates of Dialogue Includes All’s training programme to independently pursue their own entrepreneurial careers. 


INCLUDES as a trademark was conceived and put into action to meet the ever growing needs of enabling and empowering more disabled beneficiaries nationwide and beyond. Upon completion of Dialogue Includes All 3-6 months training programme, trainees are provided the opportunity to further develop skills in various areas. Here they are able to harness those skills besides learning entrepreneurial and business skills to ultimately start their own enterprises under the INCLUDES banner. We believe that this is possible when they are included in society and when we begin to see them as contributors to the nation. 

A girl with developmental disability training for kickboxing

Find out more on our INCLUDES programme and how you can contribute.

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