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Urban Farm Includes

Growing produce in the urban city

There is a growing trend of farming in the urban city—whether it is in small pots or in your own backyard—it is indeed possible. We explored urban farming with our special farmers and developed collaborations to provide a financially independent platform for the disabled community and at the same time, promote healthy living and a greener environment in urban areas. If set up correctly, URBAN FARM INCLUDES can be done in one’s own home and backyard. 


In partnership with Havva Aqua Farm and Smart Agriculture Farm Developer Sensegrass International, our disabled beneficiaries with medically challenging conditions are trained by our fellow partners in managing and operating Aquaponic or Hydroponic farms. With the harvest from the farm, freshly baked sandwiches and salads are made to be sold and enjoyed. 

Growing lettuce at House of Light

Here’s the story of our special farmer...

Kamal Azura Ali, born and raised in Terengganu is a father of two (2) aged 10 years and 8 years. He was  a chartered accountant in an engineering firm for 15 years before being diagnosed with cataract and Glaucoma disease in 2016. This has reduced his vision significantly and he had to leave his career as an accountant. Due to his condition, he was unable to find a suitable job after his eye surgery. 


Kamal found us and reached out - upon understanding his condition, we trained him to be an urban farmer. Equipped with his resilience and willingness to learn a new skill, he is on a journey to a new and exciting career path.

Watch the video below to see what he and others farm at House of Light!

Our Location

URBAN FARM INCLUDES operates from HOUSE OF LIGHT. Previously we were operating in a house in Cheras, but we have recently moved to Petaling Jaya. Come and experience some light and hope!

Our Partners

Havva Technology for Urban Farming, press Enter to visit website
Sensegrass Smart Farming Technnology, press Enter to visit website

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