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Get Equipped

At Dialogue Includes All, we believe that every individual is significant and has unique strengths and talents to contribute to society. This community is often seen as a burden to society and deemed not able to function as an abled person should—and because they are seen by society as such, they in turn see themselves as burdens as well.

Dialogue Includes All engages and equips children, youths and adults no matter their condition. Our programmes aim to equip them with the necessary and relevant skills to be able to obtain jobs and be financially self-sufficient.


For those who are interested to be equipped, we speak to them and assess based on two (2) conditions:

Learning difficulties was no obstacle for our cafe barista

1. How much of their condition have they come to accept

This determines what stage individuals are at in coming to terms with their condition. Only those who are resilient and fully accepting of their condition can begin to learn skills fit for their circumstances and discover their giftings.

2. How independent are they in their daily routines?

This determines their readiness to step out of their comfort and safety zone to be part of the larger society. When they are willing to learn and be independent, there will be willingness to try new things, take responsibilities, interact with others outside of their community and be seen as an independent person, not as someone who has a disability.

Visually impaired online learning coach utilisting Sasbadi's i-Learn Ace platform
A team training meeting

The Training

Once accepted into our training programme, our trainees go through 3-6 months to develop key skills such as perseverance, flexibility, time management, communication and social interaction. They are trained as guides and facilitators at our Discovery Centre, interacting with others and learning to be comfortable with themselves. We often see significant change in their self-confidence and self-image as they transform themselves from passive welfare recipients to active pursuers of their own lives. 


Our social enterprise duly pays these trainees for their contribution and upon graduation, we provide them with available next step pathways.

Post-Graduation Pathways


To be further trained with specific skill sets to obtain equal job and entrepreneurial opportunities

Visually impaired coffee barista trainees


To be employed under the Dialogue Includes All Discovery Centre team as programme guides and facilitators

DIA guides in a training session

What to be part of the solution?

Help us continue training more and more people with disabilities.

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