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Art Includes

Celebrating diversity

We aim to promote inclusion through the many diverse forms of art regardless of race, religion and abilities. We believe that the arts must and can be celebrated because the language of art itself is universal and free from barriers. If allowed, arts can be enjoyed without judgement and can transcend all barriers to build a universal bridge of inclusion.


We had the opportunity to curate special events in the past that provide visitors an experience without their seemingly most important sense - SIGHT. 

Beautiful artwork from Art Includes 2019 exhibition

Dialogue Includes All Podcast

A Candid Chat On Resilience

Have a look at our past events!

Through meaningful partnerships...

Art Includes experiences have allowed visitors to engage with artists who are disabled through many sharings and conversations. As we invite abled artists to perform alongside their fellow disabled artists, we have had the opportunity to see great creativity in their collaborations. Truly breaking barriers and a wonderful glimpse of unity!

Snapshot of the 2019 arts festival packed with visitors
Guest speakers sharing their experiences at the Arts Includes forum

In partnering with I'm Soul Inc, we are able to conduct music and dance workshops for special students using their innovative sound technology, SOUNDBEAM as part of our efforts to educate and empower disabled children and youth in the whole area of arts. Watch the video below to see how dance and music brings joy to all those around!

Music class for the visually impaired using Soundbeam technology

Our Partners

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Media Coverage

We thank our past Sponsors for making the Art Includes events possible, and
welcoming Sponsors for our 2022 Art Includes Festival!

For sponsorship inquiries please contact

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Inspired? Have a solution to empower the disabled?

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