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Avoiding unnecessary blindness

What happened to Stevens at the age of 45 was unfortunate but his experience turned into a sense of mission to help prevent what had happened to him from happening to others. Read his full story here.


He founded Malaysian Eye Patient Society (formerly known as Malaysia Glaucoma Society) and later SOS Missions Berhad with a vision of preventing unnecessary blindness as well as helping patients with different eye disorders overcome their condition and support them to continue living with sight impairment. Through this society, we hope to be able to do further community outreach work to educate others and conduct simple eye tests to ensure early detection and preventive measures can be taken. 


The hope is to set up accessible Eye Testing Centres equipped with facilities at various locations to enable more sighted individuals to get their eyes checked frequently and at an affordable fee. We are currently working towards setting up the first one at Dialogue Includes All Discovery Centre at The Weld.

Have you checked your eyes recently

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