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Learning Includes

Changing the learning landscape for disabled children and youth

Do you know if our classroom environment in schools is designed for both the abled and disabled children? There are dialogues and conversations about integration but not enough about inclusion. While both approaches aim to bring students with disabilities into the mainstream classroom, one system expects students to adapt to the pre-existing structure, while the other ensures the existing education system will adapt to each student. Where is Malaysia in its efforts? Here’s a recent article by the National Early Childhood Intervention Council.


With the development of technology and partner collaboration, we at LEARNING INCLUDES aim to transform the education and learning landscape for the visually impaired and other disabled students and youths to obtain equal and quality education. Our coaching team consists of our disabled beneficiaries equipped to operate the platform and connect with these children and youths to help them learn and be equipped themselves. We hope to someday begin this dialogue with the government of Malaysia through LEARNING INCLUDES.

A student utilising Sasbadi's i-Learn Ace online education platform, which Learning Includes operates on

Watch the video below and see how it works for yourself!

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