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The Resilience Recipe

Are you going through a difficult time? Has our current situation of COVID-19 and lockdown pushed you into a financial struggle and taken a toll on your mental health? How are you coping? 


We want to acknowledge that this season is no easy period for anyone. When we fall into undesirable and unwanted circumstances and are taken away from the comfort of our routines and familiarities, there is no doubt that we will struggle. We are right there with you and there is no shame in admitting that we struggle and are going through a difficult time.

The important thing is not how big the struggle is. What is crucial is how we choose to respond to our situation and circumstances. At Dialogue Includes All, we have the resilience recipe and we hope to share it with as many of you as possible.

Plant responds and adapts to weather change. Resilience, the way forward

How It Works

The Resilience Recipe will be shared through a workshop conducted virtually at the comfort of your own private space. It is designed based on the real life story of Stevens Chan, our Founder and CEO. Come and hear for yourself, how he applied this resilience recipe as he went through the darkest period of his life—where everything he once knew was ripped away from him. With this, we hope you can begin to understand your own situation and decide how you will respond to your situation— to walk through it with resilience and come out strong on the other side with a powerful story to tell.

Priced at RM 99

Launch Promotion RM 79

What's in the Package

Our Resilience Recipe Workshop includes Stevens’s e-book, My Resilience Recipe, a 2-hour workshop session and one (1) Experience Tour voucher valid for 6 months.


We hope to give you the tools to be an overcomer because we are all significant and valuable. Join us to (virtually) meet other strong individuals just like you, who are willing to acknowledge your struggles and work towards overcoming them through the resilience recipe with your own ingredients.

Read more about Stevens Chan’s book and his journey here: I Was Blind Now I See

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