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Be Part of the Solution

Here’s how you can be part of the dialogue and be part of the solution! We are grateful for any donations and opportunities to continue the dialogue and be champions for empathy and inclusion. 

Come join in on our efforts!

Donate to Us. Every Ringgit Counts.

As a social enterprise, we are both social advocates and entrepreneurs. Support us in our advocacy and entrepreneurial efforts through donations and help us go further. Your investment in hope for our team and impact for the future will help us in our mission to achieve the vision we all desire.

Monthly Support

Option 1: RM80 [minimum]

Option 2: RM160

With your monthly support, we know a steady stream of donation can be dedicated to our necessary expenses to keep us going. You can arrange for a standing instruction to transfer for a duration that you are comfortable with.

Support Us for 6 Months or 1 Year

Option 1:

6 Months [RM 3,000]

Option 2:

12 Months [RM 6,000]


With this amount we are able to manage our cash flow in a healthy way whilst ensuring that our fixed bills are taken care of. You can do a one time transfer to us.

One Time Support

[Any amount above RM80]

Any form of support is greatly appreciated. 

Our work requires a permanent space to operate, any amount would help us keep our rental going.

Dialogue Includes All Team Photo

Donations can be made to

Organisation: DID MY Academy Sdn Bhd

Bank: CIMB Bank

Account Number: 8001349445


Please email us your transfer slip for recording purposes at

We have tax exemption status!

We will issue a tax exemption receipt for all donations made upon request.

Become a Sponsor

Sponsor A Project With Us

Interested in sponsoring one of our programmes? Connect with us and let us write you a holistic proposal on our programmes. 

Dialogue Includes All staff having a team meeting

Be An Investor

Invest in a future we all dream for, a society that is empathetic and inclusive. Let’s build hope and  generate greater impact.

Purchase Dialogue Includes All Merchandise

Stay tuned - COMING SOON!

For now, do check out our online stores at Shop Includes.

Urban farming plot at House of Light

Provide a Solution and Partner With Us

We’re constantly innovating and looking to partner with others to provide concrete and solid solutions. If you have a solution that would further equip, advocate and empower our cause, we would love to hear it! Write to us at 

Join Our Team

Want to experience true inclusiveness? Have a skill to contribute to our organisation? We are always looking for great people to work with! Come and join our diverse team of the abled and disabled.

Have something to discuss that doesn't fall into any of the above?

Just connect with us to start a dialogue because our impact includes you.

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