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As part of training with our disabled beneficiaries, we build their communication and interpersonal skills. This allows them to function independently and be integrated into society. They are no longer timid individuals but are confident with equal opportunities to be contributors to society. 


CALL INCLUDES offers call centre and customer care management services to any organisation. This virtual call centre is operated by visually impaired and disabled individuals who have been trained to operate computer systems, take phone calls and provide calling services. 


In collaboration with Agensi Inovasi Malaysia (AIM), we emerged as the winner of the DiGi's Challenge for Change Programme - Season 6 by utilising the power of the internet to build a Virtual Call Centre managed by the disabled community. This initiative reaffirms our belief that equal opportunities for meaningful employment go beyond physical limitations. 

The Call Includes HQ

Watch the video below and be inspired by the Call Includes team!

If you have an organisation requiring call centre and customer care management services, come explore with us!

Customer Care

Our customer care agents at work

We are committed to offer your business professional, expert-level customer service operations designed to meet the needs of your customers. We will be able to address specific concerns of your customers, promote and cross-sell your products and services

Market Research

Market research on the web

Market research gives organisations the information needed to make the right business decisions. 


Our call agents provide market research services supported by a quality outbound call center that will gather the information you need to gain competitive advantage

Appointment Scheduling

A calendar to schedule your appointments

Meeting business goals and objectives require a consistent pipeline of quality leads for your sales teams to follow up and close deals. 


Our call agents can assist in scheduling appointments with potential customers. We will ensure all contact, background details and confirmation documentation are captured for each said appointment scheduling.

Our Clients

Taylor's University, press Enter to visit their website
Batik Boutique, press Enter to visit their website
Cornerstone Realty, press Enter to visit their website
Dialogue in the Dark experience tours

Our Sponsors & Partners

Kementerian Sains, Teknologi dan Inovasi
Ministry of International Trade and Industry
SME Corp Malaysia
Yayasan Inovasi Malaysia
Inovasi Inklusif
Agensi Inovasi Malaysia (AIM) in 2016
Digi in 2016
A Cloud for Social Good
Microsoft Philanthropies

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