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Short Film Festival 2021

This year Dialogue Includes All collaborated with the Faculty of Social Sciences & Leisure Management, Taylor's University where students of Graduating Class of 2022, produced short films about different disabilities.

A film by Amina Asundah (Director), Kelvin Sufelim (Editor), Khefid Rifano (Cinematographer), Tan Wei Kien (Scriptwriter) and Wang Tao (Producer)

Senjang means unique or out of ordinary. This film follows Kevin Suefelim, a talented creative on his journey to owning his Treacher Collins Syndrome and reaching a place of self-love and acceptance.

Down To The Beat
A film by Shaun Yoong (Director), Venz Alan Tan(Assistant Director), Valerie Chiu(Producer) and Khun Ng Khun Hean(Editor)

Down to The Beat is a documentary that follows the journey of a young individual with Down Syndrome, named Aisyah. Despite living with Down Syndrome for more than 20 years, she is outgoing, physically active, loving and treating people equally while living her best life. Throughout the journey, we see how Aisyah brings moments of beauty and joy to the family, while her family members help her face challenges along the way. This documentary highlights that having a child with Down Syndrome is like taking a picturesque route. They still get to where they are going. It may take a little longer, but it will be well worth the journey.

That's my boy
A film by Alexandria Goh, NabilFikri Abdul Aziz & Indira Fachjar

 Being a father is not easy, especially when your son is autistic. That's My Boy features the stories of two fathers and their journey in creating opportunities for their sons.

Sensory Vision Experimental Documentary

A film by Kris Aiman, Jolene Tan, Summer Ong,  Alicia Tang

Sight; some are born with it, some aren’t and some lose it over time, but one thing that’s for sure is that blindness is not a disability. Blindness goes beyond sight; in society, one may consider themselves ‘woke’ to most topics but at the end of the day, ignorance doesn’t distinguish. This experimental documentary aims to shed light, specifically on the lives of the visually impaired through audio storytelling.

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