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'Restaurant' with a difference

By Lee Chong Hui

Published June 26, 2016 on The Star

Stevens standing at the entrance to the restaurant
Chan says Dialogue In The Dark Malaysia serves as a platform to raise awareness towards eye health with a twist.

FEELING a little anxious, Kim Chow clutched her white cane (the type used by the visually impaired) tightly as she and seven others stumbled across a hallway and room that is intentionally made pitch dark.

Escorted by a visually impaired guide, the group of eight strangers attempted to find their way using nothing more than their canes to guide them to their lunch served within a very special restaurant within the Sunway University campus called the Dialogue The Dark Restaurant.

Swanky jazz music came on as the group is greeted by their server of the day, Mohd Shafiri Jusoh, as they enter the restaurant to take their seats. However, there was an awkward silence among the guests as none could see each other, or anything for the matter, until Mohd Shafiri asked what they would like to have.

“Sitting down and eating lunch in pitch darkness, I realised that I focused on my sense of hearing and sense of touch and I felt a deep feeling of appreciation towards what I already have."

“I learnt that we should not take things for granted, that we need to count our blessings in life,” she said, adding she was initially apprehensive of going through with the experience.

“This experience developed my respect and appreciation for the visually impaired, who are a source of inspiration and courage for humanity.”


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