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Guide Dog for the Visually Impaired in Malaysia

Did you know that Malaysia was among the first nations in the world to sign the MOU in support to endorse the UN’s International Resolution for the People with Disabilities Rights? And did you know that immediately after endorsing the International Resolution, our nation enacted the Disabilities Act in 2008?

It has been 10 years since the Act was enacted. So, to commemorate such a momentous event, the non-profit organisation, SOS Missions, kick started a Public Signatures and Likes campaign to support its initiative to Dialogue with the Government. All in hopes to amend and approve the Act to recognise Guide Dogs as Service/Assistant Dogs for the Visually Impaired and to allow them free access to anywhere in our nation.

The very first Guide Dog in Malaysia, Lashawn, was given to its blind owner Stevens Chan, the Founder of SOS Missions Bhd who initiated the Dogs for Sight Movement, in 2014. Lashawn is a well trained dog and has undergone strict coaching in China at the Nanking Working Dogs Association since 2012. Unfortunately, ever since their return to Malaysia, both Stevens and Lashawn has failed to Dialogue with the previous government, despite their many attempts, in regard to Accessibility issues.

However, both man and dog has not given up hope in fighting for their rights and the rights of many others in this loving nation to have a fair chance at living a more independent life. Hence, the launch of this campaign is in hopes to attain 100,000 Signatures and Likes that will be presented to the Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Women and Community Affairs, Datuk Seri Wan Azizah for her kind consideration to meet with Stevens and Lashawn for a simple Dialogue. A Dialogue that hopefully would lead to the necessary amendments to the Disabilities Act to allow Guide Dogs and their Blind Owners access to travel anywhere in Malaysia.

Witnessing this significant Campaign today were Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye and social activist Syed Azmi among many other corporate and NGO guests. Besides launching the Signature and Likes Campaign, a ceremony was also held to witness the acceptance of Lashawn as the first trained Guide Dog in our nation into the Malaysia Book of Records.

LaShawn, Malaysia's 1st trained guide dog. Nice to meet you!

This historical day may have some what changed the lives of many who deserves the freedom and independence despite having disabilities in this nation. This is for a future that is more inclusive and more accepting no matter who we are.

For more information on how you can support and perhaps make a change together with the Public Signatures and Likes Campaign, please refer to the links below and feel free to drop an email to

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