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Blind since 2007, ‘Dialogue in the Dark’ founder Stevens Chan brings Malaysia’s first arts festival

By Melanie Chalil

Published 28 Aug 2019 on The Malay Mail

PETALING JAYA, Aug 28 ― Can a blind photographer capture the perfect shot? How does a visually impaired chef whip up a meal in the kitchen?

Some of the most interesting personalities with physical challenges will make their way to Kuala Lumpur next month for Art Includes 2019, an arts festival for persons with disabilities (PWDs).

Stevens with LaShawn, his guide dog and guest artists Wan Jamila, Jamaliah and Rozella
Chan and his guide dog with ‘Art Includes’ guest artists Wan Jamila, Jamaliah and Rozella.

They include blind MasterChef US winner Christine Ha, hearing-impaired Singaporean piano virtuoso Azariah Tan, veteran Malaysian radio presenter and actor Patrick Teoh, autistic teen painter Wan Jamila Wan Shaiful Bahri from Shah Alam, visually impaired photographer Jamaliah Mohd Yasin and Sabahan singer-songwriter Rozella.

A first in Malaysia, Art Includes is the brainchild of Stevens Chan, a visually impaired former entrepreneur who founded the social enterprise Dialogue in the Dark Malaysia.

Art Includes 2019 will be held at RUANG by Think City, 2 Jalan Hang Kasturi, Kuala Lumpur from September 23 to September 29.

For ticketing details and full programme, find out more here.


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