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5 Benefits of Art Therapy That Enriches the Lives of People with Disabilities

In recent years, art as a medium for therapy is becoming more commonplace. Using art therapy, individuals with a disability have an outlet to express their creativity, discover new interests, and boost their self-confidence.

You know what is the best part of art therapy? It is accessible to all ages, abilities and talents! Here are 5 benefits of art therapy that can enrich the lives of people with a disability.


ONE: Improves Mental Health

Art therapy is extremely good for one’s mental health as making art has the effect of increasing dopamine levels, which improves concentration. This then allows an individual to stay focused better. Besides that, it also increases serotonin levels which reduces one’s stress levels.

TWO: Outlet for Emotional Expression

By practising art, people can explore their emotions and express their feelings in new creative ways. This is great especially for those who have a difficult time expressing themselves verbally. Art creates a safe space for them to explore their feelings and emotions.

THREE: Pain Management

For individuals that are experiencing chronic pain, art therapy can move mental focus away from physical discomfort. This allows them to find relaxation through the act of creation. This, in turn, also help them manage their stress and anxiety levels that can often be exacerbated by chronic pain and disability. However, it's worth noting that this is subjective and largely depends on the individual. That being said, many people would rather use art as a diversion than laying about in pain.

FOUR: Facilitates Non-verbal Communication

Art therapy also has benefits for people on the autism spectrum as a form of expression that doesn’t come from traditional verbal or written forms of communication. For people on the spectrum who are amazing visual thinkers, art can open doors for them to express themselves in ways that they are comfortable with.

FIVE: Build Self-Esteem

Completing an art project leaves the individuals with a sense of accomplishment. That is valuable to improve one’s self-esteem and confidence. This feeling of accomplishment can be a source of motivation for people with disabilities to lead enriched lives.


For more information about our award-winning, globally-recognised Empathy Workshop, please email or WhatsApp +6018 296 8828. Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.


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