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Customisable for special events

The best memories will not be forgotten.

Keen on organising a special celebration event for a loved one? 

Add in an element of learning and adventure to this event and see what each one experiences.


Come and explore a world that is unknown to many.

Take an impactful journey that will last you a lifetime, open your eyes beyond what you know now and perhaps you can start a dialogue that includes all.

Customised programme held at Oasis Square

Special Events!

We can help you organise birthdays, celebration parties and any special events with fun-filled experiences and unforgettable memories. Our programmes are suitable for various ages above 7 years old to enjoy. It will be an event like no other! 


Be sure to walk away with an unforgettable experience through an unexpected journey.



Dialogue Includes All Experience Centre 

@ The Weld IS CLOSED

Should you choose to conduct this experience at a different location or for a larger group, please reach out to us to organise accordingly.

Plan an event with us!

Partner with us to go on an unexpected journey for an experience of a lifetime.

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