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You may be wondering: How can this equip me for my daily life? Is this not just a social initiative to help the disabled and vulnerable? As human beings, we often take our abilities and current circumstances for granted. We forget that life is fragile, full of challenges and completely unpredictable. That was exactly the life story of our founder, Stevens Chan. Read his story here.


At the Dialogue Includes All Discovery Centre, we offer a unique opportunity to experience what you otherwise would not have even imagined. We take you through a journey of unfamiliar territory, a once-in-a-lifetime experience of something completely new. Our programmes are designed to enable you to walk away with a change of heart and a renewed mindset. 


Our visitors leave the centre with an impactful experience, an enjoyable conversation, a grateful heart for their abilities, a new awareness about the life of the disabled  and ready to start a dialogue that may change our society.

Entering the Dark Tour

Choose Your Experience

We have organised many experiences for visitors, education workshops for youth and students, as well as client participants through our product offerings. COME and EXPERIENCE IT for yourselves. Reach out to organise a workshop or get your corporate leaders trained through our programme - we have experiences that are suitable for all ages. 

Suitable for Various Ages

[Recommended for ages 7 and above]

Visitors of various ages

Youth & Students

[From ages 7+] 
Who has joined before?

Activities with Students

Special Events

Crafted to suit your needs

Special birthday in the dark event

These concepts are facilitated by trained disabled guides and facilitators where a reversal of role takes place. Those who are abled are taken out of their familiar environment and the disabled guides become abled guides depended upon for security, a sense of orientation and leadership. These experiences may be for a short duration but the impact will last a lifetime!

The Dialogue Social Enterprise

All our programmes are facilitated through concepts developed by Dialogue Social Enterprise based in Germany founded by Dr Andreas Heinecke. Read their mission and founder’s profile at Dialogue SE's website here. Started in 1988 and beginning in Germany, Frankfurt, this initiative continues to impact and change lives across the world.

13 million visitors

Thousands of disabled guides employed

22 countries and 130 cities globally

32 years since 1988

In Malaysia, we conduct the following experiences:

Dialogue in the Dark logo

Dialogue in the Dark is one of the world’s most exciting life-changing experiences where visitors are guided by visually impaired guides in specially constructed dark rooms. You get a chance to experience daily environments of life, such as enjoying a walk in the park, crossing a busy street, or visiting a café. Here is where daily routines become a new experience.

Dialogue in Silence logo


Blindfolded participant in Dialogue Games

Dialogue Games is a playful space to practise our communication skills and abilities. Facilitated by those in wheelchairs, in an entertaining way, participants quickly learn to what extent communication and cooperation are key contributors to success.

Dialogue with Time logo


Dialogue SE
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