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Executive Summary

DID MY curates inclusion bridges thru Dialogues and Experiential Learning activities between abled and differently abled communities. Our mission is to yield more educated, economically enabled and empowered children and youths stricken with all forms of disabilities and medical conditions thru collaborations with partners from social, private, public and education sectors that can elevate this often left behind communities from poverty.

Since 2012, we have striven to transform DID MY by partnering with relevant stakeholders locally and globally, led by our founder, Stevens Chan who lost his eyesight at the age of 45 due to Glaucoma. Since its formation, DID MY has collaborated with more than 20 partners and impacted more than 100 PWD youths and adults with economic enabling and empowerment opportunities.

Through its innovative Experiential Learning Centre and Academy built in collaborations with partners, DID MY has attracted more than 40,000 local and foreign visitors to its centre. DID MY was among the few social enterprises in our nation to be given accreditation and a tax-exempt status by the Government for its impact in addition to receiving numerous awards, grants and media recognition.

DID MY is now seeking for additional investments to grow its existing centre to include the other globally renowned Dialogue Experiences: Dialogue in Silence facilitated by the deaf and Dialogue with Time facilitated by senior citizens. Currently, DID MY hosts the renowned Dialogue in the Dark experience facilitated by the visually impaired as well as Dialogue Games facilitated by the lame and hopes that with the additional investments, it can become the 1st venue in ASEAN—and 3rd in the world after Hamburg and Tokyo—to host these impactful role reversal experiences within a common venue. DID MY intends to raise RM3 Million in exchange for 49% of its shares to build this Empathy and Resilience theme park by 2022.

In addition to this experience, the centre will also showcase all of its academic programmes for the PWD trainees. With the additional investments, DID wants to use it to invest in the relevant licensing and renovation expenses as well as to expand and grow its business development outreach and impact works that can potentially attract more than 50,000 local and foreign visitors over a 3-year period that potentially can help our SE earn a nett profit of RM 597,500.

By end of 2025, about 150 PWD youths and adults are expected to be equipped and enabled with various job and entrepreneurial skills to earn a living and about 1000 PWD students will also be given online tuition and coaching aids remotely to improve their academic performances.

With our SE Model of “Renovate to Innovate thru Partnerships”, we hope to renovate existing innovative digital and non-digital commerce and learning platforms to be inclusive and accessible for the PWDs to navigate and operate for their learning and earning. With that, we can yield more educated, economically enabled and empowered children, youths and adults and indirectly meet 4 of UN SDGs in equalities, quality education and employment opportunities leading to zero poverty through partnerships.

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