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Youth and Students, from ages 7 and above

Happy children learn best!

We know learning never ends but major mindsets are formed at a young age. What can children learn from this community that will add to their development? How can we create an inclusive, non-judgmental and empathetic society for our children to grow up in? 


Our hope is always in the next generation of leaders. As college or university students venturing into the working world, can this experience teach and instill resilience, authenticity and empathy? Will they graduate and be change makers to influence their circumstances, contribute to society and transform our nation? 


Do you lead a group of youth or students and looking to teach them values that they can carry with them for a lifetime?


Come and explore a world that is unknown to many.

Take an impactful journey that will last you a lifetime, open your eyes beyond what you know now and perhaps you can start a dialogue that includes all.

School group at the Experience Centre

Learning Tour

[For ages 7 - 17 years]

At this learning tour, we take our young visitors through the Dialogue In The Dark journey where they are guided by our professional guides in specially constructed dark rooms.
[Read more about the Experience Tour here]


At the end of the tour, we will introduce our young friends to:

[1] The Braille system used by the visually impaired - learn how they read

[2] Guide dogs - understand how a guide dog would help the blind see



Dialogue Includes All Experience Centre 

@ The Weld IS CLOSED

Education workshop group at the Experience Centre

Education Workshop

[customisable for any student age group]

Our education workshops are designed with the objective to take students on an adventure beyond their regular routine and awaken their non-visual senses. We create a space to enhance and train communication skills and learning assured dependency on others in a new environment. 


Participants begin to discover their own hidden potential and strength. They learn to trust others developing good leadership and the need to put their differences aside and work together as a team. 


Our trainers, themselves blind or visually impaired are experts in non-visual perception, create a learning atmosphere of authenticity, empathy and openness.



Dialogue Includes All Experience Centre 

@ The Weld IS CLOSED

Should you choose to conduct this experience at a different location or for a larger group, please reach out to us to organise accordingly.

Organise a Learning Tour or Education Workshop with us!

Let’s help our young leaders learn to be educated, inclusive, resilient and empathetic to one another.

Professor with students listening intently and taking notes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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