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Concert in the Dark

Concert in the Dark 2019

In collaboration with CEX, this concert hosted at Ruang @ Think City, on 27th September 2019 which allows guests to unfold their imagination and brought them on a  journey of enjoying “A Scenery of Sounds”

Concert in the Dark 2018

In collaboration with Dialogue in the Dark Taipei, this concert hosted at The Weld from 11th to 14th October 2018 brought guests on a  journey of enjoying “A scenery of sounds”.

2018 Poster depicting visually impaired singer-musician, Beautiful Voices

Concert in the Dark with CausewayEXchange in 2017

In collaboration with CausewayEXchange Festival, this concert was held on the 22nd of September 2017 at Oasis Village, Ara Damansara and featured performers and stand up comedians from Malaysia and Singapore.

Experience Live Music in 100% Darkness

New Straits Times, October 1, 2017

"Appreciating our Senses: You see better in the Dark"

星洲网 Sin Chew Daily, Oct 2017

"馬新藝人為視障者演出: 涵百人黑暗中聽歌"

Concert in the Dark with Harvard Krokodiloes in 2016

In collaboration with Sunway Education Group, this concert was hosted at Sunway International School on 28 June 2016. The hall came to life with the Krokodiloes' unique brand of a capella harmony. Singing songs from the Great American Song Book, the Concert was made memorable as the Kroks could not rely on visual cues. Being in the dark, they had to depend on their other senses to carry out their performance!

The Harvard Krokodiloes 2016 World Tour Malaysia poster

Musical in the Dark 2014

In collaboration with students from IACT College (Project IMPossible), Frozen in the Dark was held in Nov 2014 at DID @ The School, Jaya One. 

Official poster Frozen in the Dark.jpg

Musical in the Dark 2014

Musical in the Dark 2014, entitled Blind Reflection was held at the SinChew Auditorium. The event was made possible with the support and sponsorship of Sin Chew Jit Poh and Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad. 

Poster, blind reflections, see with your ears, listen with your heart

Musical in the Dark 2013

Light in the Dark 2013, featuring Patrick Leong was held at Wisma TA in Sept 2013 

Light in the Dark poster.jpg
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